The most powerful creative effects set in the world
Don't limit your creativity; you can make your own unique sound!
MCreativeFXBundle currently contains 36 effects for all composers who want the most advanced technology software tools to take their own sound creativity past the limits of their imagination.
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Ultimately versatile

This is possible, now, through the flexibility that we have engineered into each of our plugins. The multiband plugins can have up to six completely independent bands; each shaping your work into unique and musical sounds. Each oscillator in any of the plugins is defined by the most advanced technology in the world; which combines predefined shapes with custom shapes and a step sequencer. Additionally, global modulators can move any parameter thereby making your sound both interesting and pleasing. Of course, you can also torture sounds in any way you like, as needed for your genre. So, what's keeping you from finally just downloading the demo?

36 effects
included in MCreativeFXBundle

Vintage-analogue-style amp for saturation and creative distortion

Creative, Saturation & distortion, Guitar

Distort to extreme

Creative, Saturation & distortion

A morph of an amp simulator and a digital distortion processor

Creative, Saturation & distortion, Guitar

From mild stereo expansion to complete destruction.

Creative, Saturation & distortion, Drums

Extremely advanced 6 bands ring-modulation effect

Creative, Saturation & distortion

The best saturation from both the analogue and digital worlds

Creative, Saturation & distortion, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Mastering, Mixing

Analogue inspired digital distortion unit

Creative, Saturation & distortion

Construct your own shape (in multiband)

Creative, Saturation & distortion

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