All saturation and distortion plugins at 50%
The Hottest Season
Ended on 15 August 2022

The summer is at its peak now. But we decided to make it even hotter. Or at least your tracks may get warmer with all the saturation plugins we offer during this special event. Get MAmp, MDistortionMB or MWaveFolderMB. Or get all of them in with a huge discount in one MWarmUpBundle. All the plugins have a 15-day trial version so you may test them before you get them. But don't hesitate for too long. The offer is time-limited and lasts only until the 14th of August


A great sounding vintage amp for saturation, harmonic content enhancement, creative distortion.


A serious tool for extreme distortion lovers that lets you do really bad things to your bits!


A unique distortion plugin combining an amp simulator with a digital distortion processor.


A powerful frequency shifter for everything from mild stereo expansion to complete destruction.


Extremely advanced ring-modulation effect with up to 6 bands, modulators and much more.


An extremely musical saturation plugin, combines the best from both the analogue and digital worlds.


Powerful distortion module, inspired by analogue, taken to a new level using digital processing.


The ultimate wave-shaper in which you can draw your own shapes in each of up to 6 bands!