Stereo processors guide

The arrival of stereo playback decades ago brought a huge range of possibilities, but as it turns out managing stereo is not that simple. We have several tools that can make things much easier and quicker for you and lead to unbelievable results.

Table of contents

Artificial stereo

Anything you record is initially monophonic, because at the beginning there's always just one microphone. And if the origin is a synthesizer, it may not still be wide enough. So the challenge is to transform such audio into stereo. You need to make each channel sound the same, yet different. There are many ways using modulation, reverbs and pitch shifters, but doing that without changing the character of the original signal is much harder. But the following plugins do just that!

MStereoGenerator is a very natural-sounding stereo enhancer specifically designed for acoustic instruments.
MStereoSpread exploits psychoacoustics and is probably the most powerful artificial stereo generator available, useful on just about any audio material including complete mixes. It is designed with modern tight mixes in mind.



A revolutionary cabinet simulator mainly for guitars and bass.



Big guitars, big vocals... MDoubleTracker has been designed for just that!


A natural sounding mono to stereo (or even surround) expander, especially for acoustic instruments.



Psychoacoustics based mono to stereo expander which makes tracks sound extremely wide and tight.

Stereo field control

It is essential to be able to control width of the stereo field of your mixes. The following tools are designed to make that task quick and easy.



A basic M/S stereo field correction, fully mono compatible.


An advanced mastering multiband stereo analyzer and enhancer plugin.