The hottest bundle for the hottest season

The summer is at its peak now. But this time-limited bundle can make it even hotter. The eight plugins that are inluded can give you all possible ways of saturation. Such you may even never thought about - in multi-band in most cases. Get MAmp, MDistortionMB, MSaturatorMB, MRingModulatorMB, MBitFunMB, MWaveShaperMB, MFreqShifterMB and MWaveFolderMB in one package. Each plugin has a 15-day trial version so you may test them before you get them. But don't hesitate for too long. The offer is time-limited and lasts only until the 14th of August

Please note, if you already own any of the included plugins the price of the bundle will be reduced after you sign in. 

MWarmUpBundle image
Bundle Discount
Regular Price: $377

8 effects
included in MWarmUpBundle

Extremely advanced 6 bands ring-modulation effect

Creative, Saturation & distortion

The best saturation from both the analogue and digital worlds

Creative, Saturation & distortion, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals, Mastering, Mixing

Vintage-analogue-style amp for saturation and creative distortion

Creative, Saturation & distortion, Guitar

Distort to extreme

Creative, Saturation & distortion

A morph of an amp simulator and a digital distortion processor

Creative, Saturation & distortion, Guitar

Analogue inspired digital distortion unit

Creative, Saturation & distortion

Construct your own shape (in multiband)

Creative, Saturation & distortion

From mild stereo expansion to complete destruction.

Creative, Saturation & distortion, Drums

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