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20 September 2008

MDrummer videos and tutorials are online

Since the best way to present new technologies is using videos, we have released a few videos containing information and tutorials for MDrummer.
10 September 2008

New MDrummer videos and tutorials are online

We have added a few videos showing using MDrummer in practice, particularly in Cubase and Reaper.
31 August 2008

MDrummer acoustic demo tracks are online

Few demonstrations of MDrummer acoustic rhythm and audio capabilities are online. Electronic drums will follow probably after the company vacation. Please listen, enjoy and post any critics!
30 August 2008

MDrummer 2 Small beta has been released

After several month of development and audio engineering we have finally finished MDrummer 2. Now prepare for the greatest drum machine ever! List of MDrummer improvements is almost endless, but you can read about a few of them in the download section. Let's highlight a few of them.

MDrummer now contains a 5GB library of multisamples, our new acoustic drum technology, that combines several samples with velocity layers and alterning hits for maximal realisticity while keeping increadibly low CPU overhead.

MDrummer now contains a huge set of loops for every style from pop-rock, drum'n'bass to reggae and latin. Want numbers? 12 000+ and still raising, most of them recorded. But the loop library is only a tool, important is the rhythm engine, that now emulates (un)real drummer with increadible accuracy. More numbers? 200+ ready made rhythms and rather not talk about what you can create by yourself using rhythm generator.

Now you can jam with MDrummer using MIDI. Just start MDrummer, connect your MIDI device and play. MDrummer will listen a follow! Jamming with an audio source will follow as soon as possible. We have also simplified playback control, so now you need only 2 double-clicks and one click to let MDrummer play what you want!

We are proud to be the first presenting a really authentic jazz swing rhythm played with brushes. And we do not mean loops! You let MDrummer play and he will play and variate and jam with you, if you wish... Of course, if you are not into jazz music, then this is just useless for you, but it demonstrates the outstanding qualities of MDrummer.

Until 15.09. MeldaProduction has a company vacation. For now please try and report any bugs and ideas, so we can then create a perfect virtual drummer for you! Release of an alpha version is scheduled to 21.09. and the full version will follow in one week. From 1 month since then MDrummer Large will be available for an initial discount price 119 EUR
26 June 2008

Initial discount of MDrummer approved

We decided to make MDrummer cheaper for about 2 months after its first release. This pays for online version only (without box) and all versions except MDrummer XXL, since it includes free-for-life updates and commercial packages. MDrummer M now costs only 89 EUR and MDrummer Large only 119 EUR.
25 June 2008

New website has been released

As the MDrummer 2.0 release is getting closer, we had to improve our website to give you some more knowledge about features of MDrummer. New section with free VST plug-ins has finally been added, so please just wait for first releases.
3 June 2008

MDrummer 2 will be released

We decided to improve MDrummer. While working on data for the commercial versions, we have developed new technologies, which make our drumsets sound really realistic. Since many changes have been done, we decided to finish the MDrummer 1.x series and start a new one.
You can look forward for great sounding natural drumsets played with everything from sticks to mallets. Electronical drums are increadible as usual.
Release is scheduled for beginning of july. Please be patient, it is worth it!
15 April 2008

MDrummer Small and DEMO 1.02 released

MDrummer update 1.02 has just been released. While 1.01 was designed primarily to fix some bugs, this update contains several real changes:

- Added velocity pad to test drum sound in the drumset editor.
- Most effects now work in 64-bit to improve sound quality & performance.
- Effects protected from clicking on quick parameter changes.
- MDrummer visual design has been changed to improve understandability.
- Several minor changes such as added gain for MCompressor and MSaturator, totally new effect MGraphicalEqualizer, shape editor for MPhaser...

The update is integrated in new release, current users can use update manager to install it automatically.
11 April 2008

MDrummer Small and DEMO 1.01 released

MDrummer update 1.01 has just been released. A few bugs have been fixed and performance has been rapidly improved. Unfortunately the update manager of the previous version did not have sufficient rights to download updates and packages, so you have to download MDrummer 1.01 manually.
We would like to thank Tony Liddell for his notification and assistance on the development of this update.
8 April 2008

MDrummer effects will be released as VST

After some technical research we decided to release effects developed for MDrummer, our great VST drum plug-in, most of them for free. In next weeks you can expect several nice (and often pretty original) VST effect plug-ins, such as MCompressor, MRingModulator, MSaturator and many more.
10 March 2008

MDrummer Small and DEMO released

Freeware versions of MDrummer, the greatest drum VST plug-in in the world, have just been released. Finally you can enjoy the most advanced drum and rhythm engines for free. Commercial versions will follow in may 2008.
1 February 2008

MThumbnail released

MThumbnail is another utility we released for free. It helped a few people with generating thumbnails and colorized thumbnails for interactive galleries. Might help you too. Just download, share and enjoy.
28 January 2008

SEO optimization finished

We have finally finished search engine optimization for our website, hopefully it helps more clients find us on the internet currently full of mess and useless stuff.
25 January 2008

MDrummer editions declared

Marketing issues of MDrummer, our leading product, have been solved. It will be available in several editions. MDrummer S will be free for download and as it easily beats Steinberg's Groove Agent, its success is inevitable. MDrummer M will be standard version will drumset and rhythm editors. MDrummer L will contain the incredible rhythm generator and package installer, which gives users new resources for free. And finally MDrummer XXL will be the total drum solution with lifetime free updates and packages, even commercial ones. MDrummer launch is scheduled to march.
18 January 2008

New MeldaProduction website launched.

After a few years of using Mambo content management system we decided to develop our own website with integrated search engine optimizations, which could be controlled much easier, than using CMS administration interface. However we still consider Mambo great system for any commercial or noncommercial purpose.
10 January 2008

MPhotoProcessor awarded by most of the shareware sites.

MPhotoProcessor, the total solution for photographers has been awarded by most of the shareware websites. However we decided not to decimate our website using so many award images.