Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill
Melda are one of those sleeper plug-in companies... I'd see the name around over the years, I'd used the plug-ins here & there, but once I took a slightly closer look at their tools, I realized the maths in these plug-ins is just a step above the rest... Melda plug-ins are insanely well written. Huge props to the engineers working there!

Mr. Bill has been a leader in the audio production world for years. Beyond producing dazzlingly intricate originals, remixes, and collaborations with other stars of the industry, his eagerness to share his massive library of technical know-how has made him just as sought-after for studio work as he is for highly energetic and crowd-pleasing live performances.

Mr. Bill has toured North America and Australia with a live drummer, supported Beats Antique on multiple U.S. tours, and has played major festivals around the world. He scored the Nicolas Cage horror-comedy MOM AND DAD, and his techno side project Electrocado was signed to deadmau5’ mau5trap label for a multiple EP contract. Mr. Bill released his IDM album, Apophenia also on mau5trap, as well as the collab “10.8” with deadmau5 featuring an epic animated video by Bill’s longtime artist, Funilab. Mr. Bill also released a collaborative EP with Esseks, DeadLanguage on Ganja White Night’s Subcarbon label, releases and collaborations on Deadbeats and Wakaan, and is in the midst of releasing a series of heavy bass EPs for Dirt Monkey’s 19K label and touring with label mate tsimba. He is also performing special collaborative sets with ill.Gates and kLL sMTH as Mr. Bill.Gates and kLL Bill, respectively.

Mr. Bill recommends



"Who makes a reverb that allows you to write your own reverb algorithms in it!? Melda... I guess. Spectral Reverb mode... need I say more :p"



"This is a deceivingly, insane sound-design plugin... At first, you're like "OK, cool... a delay", next minute, you're breaking new territory in the dubstep laser realm!"



"Every think "how tf do I synthesise drums, yet give them that 'live sound"?, MDrumEnhancer is your answer! :)"



"Ever wonder what it'd sound like to spectrally combine any instrument with any other instrument (in ways vocoders can't?), of course, you have, you're only human... Get MMorph & you can discover exactly that :D"


37 plugins included

"Melda FreeFXBundle solves about 100 problems a day for me!"



"Think "better OTT", that's kinda what I've been treating this plug-in as, 20,000 individual OTT's (one for each frequency)... It's just insanely good at making things sound polished!"

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MPowerSynth - is really a... MEGA SYNTH. It can do so many things... the sky is the limit.
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Based in Brooklyn, NY, Olivier Glissant is a composer, conductor, producer and founder of Blacksalt Records.
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