The most flexible tremolo in the world!
MTremoloMB, the most powerful tremolo in the world, is an essential tool for any audio engineer. Whether you just want to add some flavour to an electric piano, add some stereo width, or start being really creative, MTremoloMB will deliver astonishing results in no time at all.
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Video tutorial
Video tutorial
Multiband processing and crossovers
Multiband processing and crossovers

6 bands with custom shape

One oscillator can make quite a mess, but 2 oscillators with custom shape can cause complete sound destruction. But do it in 6 bands and you can the results can be quite mild and pleasing. Why? Well, that's hard to explain. Just try it!

Many presets and active presets to get you started quickly

Like any powerful tool the possibilities might be a bit overwhelming, so we've included dozens of great sounding presets and included a dual user interface. If you're after fast results, easy mode will let you explore a variety of sounds in no time. Once you are more familiar with the plugin, or would like to delve deeper, switch to edit mode for access to all the amazing features.

Modulation heaven

Love the sound of our plugins, but wish there were some way to create motion in your sequences quickly? Enter Melda modulation heaven. Modulate any parameter from our unique set of modulation sources, which includes LFOs, audio level followers, envelope generators, randomizer, and pitch detectors.

Audio examples

  • Drumset
  • Guitar
  • Pad
  • Suitcase
  • Drumset (dry)
  • Drumset - Basic 3 bands
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Drumset - Basic 6 bands
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Drumset - Fatalizer
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Drumset - Fuzzy
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Drumset - Tonality
    • WET
    • DRY

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