Apply a panorama individually to each frequency
MSpectralPan is a powerful panner, which lets you apply panorama to each frequency individually. It is indespensable for mixing and also provides lots of creative potential.
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MSpectralPan new free panning plugin
MSpectralPan new free panning plugin

Fast, easy-to-use, great sounding

MSpectralPan exploits the spectrum domain to let you do something unimaginable before - just draw where to pan each frequency. It's sort of like equalization, but in stereo. You can clean up your mixes, create depth in them, avoid collisions and produce various creative effects.

Creativity unleashed

MSpectralPan features the most powerful modulators out there, which you can use to change the shape, anyhow you want! You can use LFOs, step sequencers, level followers for the input or sidechain and much more. The only question is if you dare to be creative!

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