May 2, 2023 | jt

Update to V16.05

The new version's just been released

We are back with yet another update of all our plugins, as usually free for all users. You can download and install it right away from the download section of our website. 

So what is new?

The core's overall performance and compatibility have been improved. But many particular plugins got new features too. A good example is MSoundFactory (and the LE version) which now has this great simulation of the Japanese Taiko Drum. See the video to check what it sounds like. The add-on is free for MSoundFactory and MSoundFactoryLE users. 

New Amps!

MTurboAmp got many improvements, and the users can enjoy the new metal bass amp Basstard, guitar amps Artemis, Nyx and Tulsa, and  Smack overdrive pedal.

And many more

MDrummer got the ability to send rooms and OHs to Send channels. We added “Smoothness settings” to MFreeformEqualizer, MAutoDynamicEq, MAutoEqualizer and MCabinet, which lets you create a custom smoothing per frequency (typically to smoothen bass frequencies more than high frequencies), and all equalizers got filter band graphs for better visualization. Also, MSuperLooper got improved. To see the complete list of changes, check this page

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