MeldaProduction plugins use the most advanced stylable and resizable graphical user interface system in the world.
Each plugin can look different, using different colors or font sizes, get resized by dragging plugins corner and more. All of it without disrupting the visual quality. Here are a few images of the same plugin, just using a different style:

We provide you with an advanced style editor, which lets you develop your own styles. And even better, if your style is good enough, we may include it in future releases (or share it somehow) and you will get some compensation of course ;).


Rather than diving in and making changes, we recommend that you check the MTexturedStyleEditor documentation. It will give you much relevant information about installing the Editor and creating /editing styles. Please read this documentation carefully, as there are some technical aspects, which may not be easy to find out without it.


download MTexturedStyleEditor

When you are ready, please just download MTexturedStyleEditor. The archive contains an executable for Windows only as support for macOS is just too problematic. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your styles or any feedback via