Jeff Powell

Jeff Powell
My goal is to help translate the vibe and vision of the artist.

Jeff was born in the American Midwest and studied music theory at the Ohio State University before embarking on a career that has spanned over 25 years in the music industry.

Using a blend of classic analogue gear and plugins in his studio, Jeff has worked as a mix engineer and producer for such artists as the The Fray, Of A Revolution, the San Diego Island Boys and countless others.

His ears are so trusted, that he is often pulled out of the studio to assume front of house mixing duties on the road. He has spent innumerable hours touring and traveling with various artists such as Shakira, Usher, Train, Dave Mathews, John Mayer, and Maroon 5 and many, many more. Jeff has also assisted and worked with other producers and engineers including John Alagia, Jeff Juliano, Mike Landolt, as well as Geoffrey Emerick and Richard Rush.

Jeff sums up his own mix and production philosphy: "my goal is to help translate the vibe and vision of the artist"

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