Get loads of toys to play around in summer
50% off - Summer MBundle Weeks
Ended on July 4, 2022

The summer is just starting. Hopefully, you will have a lot of time for making music and testing tools you haven't implemented into your workflow just yet. And so we are offering all our bundles at 50% of the regular price. You can upgrade your MFreeFXBundle to unlock professional features, get MCreativeFXBundle including the new and powerful amp creator MTurboAmp or even the most mighty MCompleteBundle. Take this opportunity to buy the bundles or upgrade to a superior bundle. Remember: if you already own any products included in the desired bundle your price will show lower after you sign in to your account. 

If you are not sure what plugins you need take the advantage of using the 15-days fully working trial version which includes all of them in one installer. But don't hesitate for too long. The offer stands only until the 3rd of July


112 plugins included

The ultimate bundle of every plugin MeldaProduction has released and will ever release!


37 plugins included

The most powerful set of creative effects in the world. A must-have for every creative producer.


10 plugins included

We picked the most important stuff every music producer needs. Powerful and affordable.


37 plugins included

The biggest and most powerful bundle of FREE effects available.


23 plugins included

The ultimate set of mastering processors. A must-have for every mastering engineer.


34 plugins included

A complete pack of mixing processors. A must-have for every mixing engineer.


108 plugins included

The ultimate bundle of every effect MeldaProduction has released and will release!